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If you have any questions or enquiries about my sessions or anything else photography related please do not hesitate to message me.

If you are wanting to book an appointment please use the "Book Now" Button

Before Booking

Before booking your shoot please read through this page as it does have information about my services, return times, cancellations and more.

Covid-19 or Feeling unwell

As some may know I have a small child at home who needs her mum. I kindly ask that if you have tested Covid-positive within a minimum of a week before your booking, I must urge you to contact me and reschedule your appointment.

If you have any other flu like symptoms or just feel unwell I must also urge you to rebook your appointment as I just do not want to risk my darling little girl getting sick.

Cancellations + Rescheduling

As of this current moment I do not have any rules in place for cancellations or rebooking. You will be sent a reminder text message and email 24 hours before your shoot. If you know you cannot make your scheduled time at the time that you receive this reminder please contact me ASAP so I can reschedule your shoot or cancel.

However, if people give me less than an hours notice or do not turn up to their shoots, I will be forced to implement rules and cancellation fees as I have my young one to get ready before these shoots and if I do not have to be going out I would rather keep her sleeping.

Myself having to Reschedule your appointment

As many of my clients know, having a baby is a full time job and this may mean that I might have to reschedule your appointment if bubs isn't well, I cannot find a sitter or the weather does not accommodate young babies. If this is the case I hope that you can respect that I have to put my girl and her health and safety first.

If there is a change that this will have to be done, I will contact you at a minimum of 2 hours before your scheduled shoot. The only time that I will message you later than 2 hours before your shoot is because of an emergency.

Additional charges for extra people

If you are booking in for a 30 minutes Family Session I will charge an addition $10 for each person over the number of 5. Pets are free!

If you are booking in for a 1 Hour Family session, I charge $10 for each person over the number of people over 7.

PLEASE Contact Me if these charges apply to you.

Failure to inform me of additional people

If you fail to tell me about any additional person before your shoot, the charges will be added to your account once the photos have been taken.

Travelling Fee

My travelling fee is $2 for ever Kilometre over 50km from Mondrook NSW.

Product Turnover Time

When it comes to getting your photos back to you, I do advise at the time of the shoot that I allow for 1 - 2 weeks turnover time as I have other commitments and obligations to attend to. I will try my hardest to have them back to you before the 2 weeks are up, however sometimes that just doesn't happen. If I believe that your photos will take more than 2 weeks I will message you and confirm with you.

Receiving Your Galleries

I provide my clients with online galleries. This is how your photos will be sent to you. You will receive an email with all the information needed to access and download your photos.

Before publishing your photos I will ask for your permission to use your photos on my platforms and websites.


I take back transfers directly through your bank into my account, payments through my appointment app or in cash. I will provide you with my bank details after your session has finished if you wish to pay that way.

No Payment, No Product!

If you fail to pay me the amount that is owed I will not be sending out your photos. This business is a source of income and you do no get things for free.

Running Late?

If you are running late when it comes to the day of your shoot, don't stress! I'll still be there 20 minutes later. If need be I will message my next clients and let them know I will be late, all I ask of you is that you let me know as early as you can so I can organise the shoots around you.